May 20, 2010

May 16-19

Steph requested double chocolate biscottis a couple weeks ago, so I finally made them, they're awesome! Best biscotti i've made, they are more like a cookie, delicious. They are from here.

this dog is very cute! (plus my ikea rug)

I did this planting on the 15th, I planted:
-1/4 row of carrots
-1/2 a row of beets
-1/3 of a row of spinach
-fingerling potatoes in a garbage pail
-swiss chard, 2 containers of it
-burpless cucumbers
-1 row of broccoli

so this is my cute garden, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT IN JULY!!

my strawberry plant has a few growing

this is my dill and tarragon

my awesome husband!

I made these gluten/dairy free brownies that mom loved!
Tash and Shane liked them too (they were starting shane's first physics assignment)

We brought this yummy coconut bread to watch robin hood (great movie with russell crowe who I didn't know was so attractive) (it could be the beard)

Shane brought me home these flowers from Maya's last night, I arranged them into these. There is also a bouquet of peonies and roses with some cute little bell like flowers.

and finally I made this cake for steph's boss, she wanted, it's from the essence of chocolate book which has turned out really well before but looks like garbage this time, oh well

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