May 13, 2010

So this is the beginning. Of the rest of my life. The first year of many many I hope.

So let me introduce you...

this strawberry plant is leftover from last year, it's not given me any fruit. I'm thinking about replacing it with eggplant.

this is my basil plant, there are 3, I really hope they do better than last year, also in this pot is my heirloom tomato plant! YAY!

this is the side bed, its got arugula, kale, romaine and ... i've already forgotten!

these are my beans, there are 3 heirloom varieties

and these are my peas, they're looking promising

my peppers, there are 4

I planted an acorn squash..

a zucchini...


tomatoes! 3 of them!

In that bed there are also, summer squash and broccoli, for now

In the front bed I have my...walla walla onions and leeks

I suppose its the beginning in more than one way (I didn't realize that when I wrote it, I was just talking about my first garden). Shane is deciding what course he wants to go into school. Were talking major time here, 1 1/2 year waiting list, 2 year course, oh future me why can't you come tell me now how its all going to work out?

I made these for hunter (because I'm the worst sister in the world) They are the shortbread from here (which is really! good) and then just a regular caramel recipe (a little to stiff for my liking) and 1 1/2cups of chocolate with 2-3 T of cream.

They are just like the twix bars (except better cause I made them)

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