May 22, 2010

May 21-22

The last two days have been work work work.
But I did manage to get a little teeny bit of planting done.

these two are my patio flowers, I bought the cute flowers pots from ikea, $1.49 a piece

And today I made this peanut butter crispy bar. It's sooo good, but (and I can't believe I will say this)'s a little to sweet.

Tonight there is forcasted frost so I had to bring all the containers into the garage

and tarp the rest off

while I was moving the containers I noticed the chard is starting to sprout
isn't it sooo cute!

while I was out doing that I took a few pictures of the emerging roses
(I didn't even notice the ants all over it until I saw the picture)

This hydrangea bush is leaning over with the weight of the water but it so stunningly huge (i'll hack it right back when it is done flowering)

and last but not least look what is growing in front of the garage!!!

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