January 22, 2013


Since we last spoke, specifically about our car, a few things have changed.  We received our ICBC settlement, and they gave us a good deal more than we thought they would. Thank goodness for that!
After we picked up the cheque, it's own adventure and one I don't care to relive, Shane spent the weekend looking for our new car with a friend of his.  After visiting more than a few awful cars he eventually came home with a 2001 Mazda Protoge, gold of course.  Two years older than our own, but with 20 000km less.  And! Air! Conditioning! !!! (yay!) Hopefully it lasts a while!
I made this recipe from this book and it was so damn good I inhaled it!
Yesterday, Monday, Shane and I dropped off the rental (I miss it already) and drove straight to Sleep Country Canada, where we bought ourselves a brand new bed!  Bed shopping was not as easy as I thought it would be, there was a lot of indecisiveness and bouncing back and forth on beds.  We're so stoked!  It should come on Sunday.  We didn't just buy a bed, the saleslady talked Shane into everything, mattress protector, warranty, fancy ass pillows, and sheets.  We are getting a full on blow-out new bed! And what a relief that is.  We paid back a bit of debt we had and then spent the rest of the money on a big surprise!  Stay tuned for that!
I've been cooking out of the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook Erin gave me a lot.  It's perfect.

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