January 24, 2013

January 23rd

I took a break yesterday.  A very intentional internet break.  I don't mean that I didn't use it, I couldn't do that, but I made a point to do only what was necessary.  Things like sending emails, looking up recipes, banking.  It came to me as I spent my second hour of the day sifting through pages of material for anything that caught my interest, that this wasn't a productive use of my time, it was a waste in fact.  I wrote this "I need to feel that I am right here, today."  I was January 23rd, the whole darn thing.  So I shut the computer and did all those things I always do, shower, run, drink coffee, clean, cook, but in a relaxed way.  I didn't rush through anything only to find myself back on the couch with computer in lap.  This was January 23rd (until work):

-Wet, soaking wet, and grey
-Grey, everything grey, trees, sky, road, rain
-Curly hair, I did that
-Fun, I bought Tash's birthday gift
-A day of letter writing with my cool pen, and spilled ink
-A toasty fireplace by the window in the coffee shop
-Views of a bright witch hazel tree
-Clean, calm, the colour blue
-A new book and a warm blanket
-Salad, salad, salad & hunger
-Full of lists

Now I'm here, on January 24th, and I want to do it all again.

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  1. I love feeling connected to my day and time! So many times I am swept up in the tasks and obligations; I forget to slooooow doooown and live in the moment! Great post!