January 11, 2013

January Date Night

This was going to be such an awesome date; snowboarding, followed by dinner.  We'd been looking forward to it since December 25th, when we gave each other the dates as gifts. (This one was from me). We had to go snowboarding on a Thursday though, because ladies ski free that day and Shane has a pass for the mountain that he can use once a week.  The first Thursday of the year the ski-free day hadn't started yet, so we decided Shane would skip school the following Thursday so we could go up.  Our car got totaled last Friday and we've been driving a rental car since Saturday, but the rental doesn't have winter tires, only all-seasons.  We were going to go with friends to the top of the hill, but they decided to go elsewhere (it would cost a lot of $$ for us to go), so we hesitantly decided to try with the rental.  We made it most of the way up, but going up a straight hill section were stopped by all the cars in front of us.  Without the momentum we had built we were screwed, we weren't going anywhere, certainly not uphill.  On the narrow strip of hillside covered with ice we slowly, painfully slowly turned our car around and inched our way down the hill, we couldn't risk getting stuck on a steeper-narrower section and crashing our rental.
It was so disappointing not to be able to go, not only because we could have easily made it in our car, or because it was our date for the month, or because we were so very close, but because Shane skipped a full day of school for it, school he can't really afford to miss.  Extreme let down.  We moped around for a while and finally went out again and had a nice afternoon.  Part two of our date was fabulous!  I made a wicked pot of fondue with bread, roasted onions, potatoes and cauliflower.  To die for (literally, it almost kills us every time).  There were large glasses of wine to go with our fondue and for dessert these amazing molten chocolate cakes (which I highly recommend!!) It wasn't the worst date we've ever had, but it could possibly be the most disappointing.

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