January 29, 2013

The Weekend

Mom, Hunter and I spent the weekend in 100 Mile House (weird name for a town or what??).  Our reason for going was to see Natasha, (she drove down from Prince George) our reason for staying was the snow!  We had an amazing time playing in the snow and drinking in the sunshine.  There was plenty of great food and delicious treats, fun music and awesome kids.  Mom, Tash and I stayed one night at Spring Lake Ranch, in a two bedroom log cabin with a wood stove and amazing light.  We tried snowshoeing (awesome!) and cross country skiing (need to try again) and even some tubing (totally didn't work), all in the space of 20 hours.  We drank wine and gabbed, it was a much needed breath of fresh air.  

Our second night we spent with Mom's friend Andrea and her kids, who live in 100 mile.  The light in her house was incredible and overnight we were blessed with a thick layer of snow!  We relaxed and drank coffee and cuddled with their new Malamute puppy.  We gave Natasha her birthday gifts, ate cake and baked chocolate chip cookies.  Before we left we squeezed in a heavily snowed walk through the woods behind her house.  Talk about an awesome weekend.  I do believe I found my new happy place. (Sorry for the picture vomit!)
Mountain to Desert transition
Love this part!
Hello Sunshine!
Mandatory stop
For a mandatory poutine!
Great coffee here!
First glimpse of Spring Lake Ranch
Straight to the kitchen
Much brighter and air-yer than it looks.  I would LOVE to stay here again.
Borrowed snowshoes, straight from 1940.
Ours was the right hand cabin.
Snow and sunshine is my dream!
Sunset over the lake.
We blaze our own trails
The fog came quickly
Good morning sunshine!
Something new!
This is natural light.  My favourite thing in the whole wide world.
It snowed!!
I love puppies.
Fifteen minute delays for the idle no more protest

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  1. Love the pictures! Thanks for the great weekend!