January 7, 2013

January 7

Oh my it's raining.  
A downpour all morning.  
"It's just rain" I told myself as I walked the dog. 
I was very wet.
Now my pants are drying, the floor has been mopped and my fluffy wet dog is napping.  

On such a stormy day it's fitting to bake, and come on, it's a week into the new year already! 
Are we over our diets yet?  
I wanted to make muffins, but my muffin pan is still in Chilliwack, so I made little almond cookies with cocoa nibs.  
They're both fun and sweet.  
I also made a mexican chocolate tart (looks promising&apparently I love mexican chocolate!), 
and later in the day there will be kale salad.  
It's all about balance.  
I realized what I don't like about my fancy rental car,
my dad had a car that felt just like it.
The seats were low,
The car was long,
They were made of the same smooth fabric.
And the car was a hunk of crap when I drove it.
Now I have bad feelings about it.
Silly right?
Because it drives much nicer than my (former) car.

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