March 27, 2013

Aaaaaand, I'm back.

Hello World.

It's been forever, but no time at all.  What is time really?  I'm baking cookies right now, they're these ones.  I haven't made a duplicate of any recipe from the book in the year and a bit I've been baking from it, but I wanted these.  And so I made them.  The batter is on my hands, it tastes great.

I've been okay.  I'm not sure what to say.  Things certainly aren't as good as they were last year at this time.  I was so happy here, but who wouldn't be with that gorgeous sunny table and pretty flowers.  I miss that house, I miss that light.  So, I've been okay.  Those cookies are smelling a little burn-y now, I wonder if it's the white chocolate on the sheet pan.  Maybe it's just the actual pan, it did burn a puff pastry yesterday you know?

So I just checked and nope, it's the actual pan.  What an ass.  I just bought them! My cookies are done on the bottom and need six more minutes on top.  Not fair.  Well, I guess I better open a window.
Things have been growing in the ground.  There are daffodils blooming in a pot beside my door.  My mind is wandering to plants, what to plant, where to plant.  Where is the best price on Miracle Grow? I'm sick of my flowers looking half assed by gardening organically.  We're looking for a patio set.  We sold ours in the move last year, we didn't know we'd be getting a patio.  Under $100 please, and soon.  I would have sat out there today if I had had one.
The weather has been so nice recently, we've charcoal bbqed twice this week.  Speaking of the week, I just had four blissful nights off!  I seriously hate working nights, but I love eating dinner with Shane, I never got to do that before.  The first night we had Kevin and Kim over for PR inspired burgers.  We charcoaled them, made a pico de gallo scauce, avocado mayo and a guava bbq sauce.  We made mofongo to go with it, and killer flan.  The next night we charcoal grilled chorizo and made rice and beans.  My third night off we had veggie lasagna at Mike and Maia's, and last night we ate an asparagus omelet, after a failed attempt at an asparagus tart.  Great food right?!
What I'd like to do, rather than work
I'm starting six night shifts tonight, and I know I should be grateful for the full time work, but seriously?  It's wearing on me.  Four would be much better.  I'd like to say I have some sort of coping strategy, but nope.  I just waddle in, and slip below the surface for six days until I have two nights off, when I can come up for air.  It's Easter this weekend, can you believe it?! Hopefully I'm awake enough to celebrate with family.  

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