March 8, 2013

On a Jet Plane

We leave on our trip for Puerto Rico tomorrow.  The hours are dragging by very slowly, that much is true.  We're almost totally packed, somehow everything fits into our carry on luggage. But of course we're taking way too much stuff, as per norm.  I always dream about traveling light, but realistically I can't seem to get by on less than 5 pairs of shoes.  Five dresses, three shorts, numerous shirts, you know right? I call it packing light when I can't fit my hair dryer in my purse.  (Like this time. Drat!) Hopefully everything goes smoothly, because if we end up having to check a bag I'll be pissed.  I didn't spend all this time and energy "packing light" if I could have packed a whopper of a suitcase.

We're bringing food onto this flight.  For some reason it always seemed way to difficult to bring food onto the flight (through security), but this time I'm feeling pretty confident.  I've got an empty water bottle I'm hoping will pass through, a little bag of chips, crackers, sour patch kids, a bag of werther's, some homemade morning glory muffins, toasted almonds, fruit and on our way to the airport tomorrow I'll pick up some cheese and bread.  We better not starve.  The reason I'm bringing so much is because we are taking two smaller flights, which don't even come with a complimentary bag of peanuts, and we are both very susceptible to hanger (hungry anger).  Since this is supposed to be a de-stressing vacation I'm trying to keep the bickering to a minimum.  (That should happen in spades as soon as Shane has to drive the rental car, I'm sure).

I've got one giant run standing in my way, a whopping 28k for tomorrow morning.  I'm hoping to start it at around 6am.  It should take about 3 hours, so we can be out of the house by 10:30am.  I'm really aiming to stop at the outlet malls for new running shoes (mine are beat at well over 800km).  Then we're going to be in Seattle for a gloriously beautiful day.  Coffee overlooking the ocean, spices from our favourite store and pizza at Lola's if we can swing it.  Then, we drive to the airport.  Our flight leaves at 9pm and arrives in San Juan at 12pm local time (with a one hour time change in there somewhere).  I believe total flight time is 9 (maybe 10) hours, with a one hour layover.  I hope the weather is good on the east coast!

We're not bringing our computers on this trip, we're trying to stay off the grid as much as possible. Wish us luck, because we suck at it.  I won't be blogging for 10 days, but I hope to give a good trip recount once I get home.  Stay tuned!

Oh! P.s. the weather is Puerto Rico is 25 degrees and sunny all week.  Neener neener.

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  1. I love that you are going to have such a great experience! I think it is great that you planned this experience for you and your husband. I am sure you will both destress and soak it up.
    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.-Lao Tzu