March 26, 2013

Puerto Rico Journal Day 5

March 13:
We spend another day at Sun Bay. Stocked up again on beer and plantain chips we walked to the far end of the beach. The walk took a long while, luckily with the clouds in front of the sun. It came out again just as we reached our resting spot and set our towels in the sand.

How much can you say about such a perfect beach? Beautiful sand, clear water, blue blue sky and swaying palms. Neighbors at least three trees away. Wild horses grazing twenty feet from where you sit. It’s the thing dreams are made of.
Later in the afternoon we drink pina coladas and eat nachos at Lazy Jack’s, which were certainly nothing to write home about. We napped the remainder of the afternoon before dressing for dinner. After another nice chat with Peter and Marta (who’ve travelled just about everywhere) we headed for dinner at fancy-pants El Quenepo. Ceviche to start, mofongo for me, pork for him. It’s very good, but Bili’s was better (and half the price). I’m so full it hurts.

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