March 1, 2013

Dear March

From last year
I'm shouting.
I'm very excited.
Good bye February and your hard to spell name,
and good riddance!
I'm glad to see you go.

Welcome, March, come on in.
What that in your arms?
Flowers? Sunshine? A BEACH VACATION?!
For me?
Come, stay longer than February,
Tell me about this sunshine.

Do you think you'll bring back the birds, like last year?
Can we drink smoothies and crave strawberries?
Your days will be longer right?
I wanna eat cake, can we do that?
Last year we had an f-u winter party,
you won't make us do that again will you?
Spring is coming soon? With crocuses and tulips?

February and I did 197km, but we won't get there.
That's kinda insane, since we beat January's distance by 5km even with 3 less days to the month.
Are you laughing too? There are 10 days of beaches to be had this month,
there will be no running on vacation.
plus I have the really sore calf, that I should probably rest anyway.
See? Built in healing.

I'm looking forward to a tan, and some rum cocktails,
do you think the hibiscus are blooming at this time?
Oh, I almost forgot: rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb! 
(weird word, and I love it)
Thanks for coming by March!

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  1. Your holiday is going to be fantastic! March is the transition month to spring It will be awesome!