March 22, 2013

Puerto Rico Journal Day 1

We went to Puerto Rico! It was fabulous in so many different ways, but I nearly had a breakdown when we returned and it was 4 degrees and pouring rain. Each day was balmy, humid and beautiful. The food was delicious, the scenery gorgeous and the people wonderful. I wrote a daily journal, some days more thorough than others, but I thought I’d share.

March 9: It’s hard to believe today started as a 27km run. Since those painful steps this morning we’ve covered hundreds of kilometers, and we’re only sitting in the Seatte airport. We finally got into the car at 10:30. We drove this gorgeous crisp day quickly and seamlessly with a pitstop at the outlet malls for a new pair of running shoes. (only $70!)

We got into Seattle around 2:30 and found a parking spot. The sidewalks were jammed on a nice Saturday afternoon, as we shuffled our way to our favourite store in Seattle, Penzey’s Spice. My god is that place ever great! If I could stock my cupboards with those spices and extracts my food could be famous. Really, it makes all the difference. We spent a small fortune on spices, but hey, I am really lucky if we get to visit once a year.

We meandered down to the market. The sun shone brilliantly on the water, reflecting like glass. Ferries shimmered in the light as they passed through the bay. Early daffodils looked regal as they sat straight and proper in their planters overhead, it was the first (non official) spring day in the Pacific northwest. There was no room to walk, the side walks overflowed, like the aftermath of a wave, coming and going.
We grabbed bagels and cream cheese for the flight and tried to find books to read at Barnes and Noble. (easier said than done, we left with a blank notebook). Finally, as the air started to turn cold, we found a favourite of ours, sitting right where we left it carved into the hilly street, Serious Pie. We ate until our bellies were full and out mouths satisfied. My pizza had clams, pancetta, lemon thyme, chili flakes and parmesan. To. Die. For.  
Dessert was the star of my show. Cannoli, I’m not even sure I’ve had it before. (And just so I can remember for later, a crisp tuile wrapped around a delicious lemon cream, stabilized with something. It sat on a smooth date puree with stewed dried apricots on top.) Fantastic, light, clean but somehow decadent. I was happy.
As you can tell, this is actually the sunrise for the following morning, waiting for our second plane.
On our way from downtown to the parking lot or drive was set in a beautiful sea of pinks and reds. A gorgeous, soft Pacific sunset.  

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