July 31, 2011

Beach night #2

We ditched work in favour of the beach last night.  Well we would have if they had called and asked me to work...basically the same thing.  We hit up Hofstede's on our way to the lake, because they'll be closed for the long weekend and we're going camping on Monday!  So we grabbed our stuff just before they closed.  Heather came up early with us and we flew up past all the beaches full of Vancouver-ites to the last remaining somewhat-local beach, Maple Bay.  Cultus Lake used to be a local's hangout, now it's only local on Monday-Thursday when the drive is to far for anyone else to do midweek.  I guess in a few years we'll be driving to Chilliwack Lake, but that seems pointless because it's 20km farther.

Butter was itching for a swim when he saw all the kids in the water, but I kept my foot firmly planted, no way I was getting sat on by a wet dog.  Dinner was great (though I couldn't taste any of it, my cold is rearing it's ugly summer head) cold cut buns, corn salad, coleslaw and watermelon.  The time flew by as we chatted about our family's upcoming extremely busy month.  Three of us moving in one month! Shenanigans!  The badminton rackets made an appearance (they always do) and a certain dog couldn't keep out of the water.
Natasha came in her uniform (she works at the lake) and talked to us for a little while and we saw her hard at work making a group of rowdy people dump out their liquor.  She's so little! I'd be so scared to do that! She doesn't take shit from no one.  The sun was going down as we left, another successful summer's night.

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