July 27, 2011

My Kootsac Bags!

I got my reusable bulk bags in the mail today!  I purchased them on etsy, from an artist here in BC.  I would have been interested in these bags a long time ago, those plastic bags for bulk at the store have always irked me, they are way too big and so wasteful (did you ever notice how the organic section bags are smaller? Use those when you buy bulk, save plastic!).  I always repurpose each bag at least once, sometimes more depending how dirty they get, but that never justifies countless bags ending up in the land fill. I wanted a way to bring my many bulk items home from the store without using a plastic bag.  Insert these awesome, extremely lightweight, reusable nylon bags.  I finally put my money where my mouth was and ordered them.  They come in different colours and sizes and they weigh so little they're only pennies on the scale.  I'm finally doing my part for the environment, keeping a few of the 10 billion plastic bags Canadians throw in the landfill every year (it's true!) from ending up garbaged and shopping in the bulk section, packaging free!

I can't wait until I see everyone using these at the store!  Reusable shopping bag pioneers had to start somewhere and now look, everyone is doing it (thank god!) Bringing your own bags is a very necessary and EASY way to help the environment.  Come one people! Jump on the train!  Save your planet! Okay enough for sounding too much like a hippy.  For those with germaphobic tendencies, these bags were created to be washed between every use, these are used where people buy food so clean bags are important.  You can find bags like these in several spots around the internet, but for my BC (and Canadian) friends consider buying from here.  Morgen is local, as in BC made and for those out of province it's Canadian, so show some support.

I bought two-three bags sets, one in purple and one in turquoise.  The smallest bag is big enough for some spices or a couple handfuls of dried fruit.  The second size would easily fit a good amount of flour or a large amount of chocolate.  The largest size is quite big, you could fill it with produce, like apples, onions or lemons or a vast amount of dried beans or something equally as interesting!

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  1. Your enthusiasm for my Kootsac bags inspires me. Thank-you so much for your very sweet article.