July 28, 2011

What a beautiful place to lie under the trees, shadows and light flcikering and falling as the leaves rustle.  We spent the afternoon up at the beach equipped with a checkered picnic blanket, magazines and a pot full of apricot and blueberry grunt, from the one and only Rustic Fruit Desserts.  We ate the entire dish and not once did I stop to think I should take a picture.  No, instead my mind furiously processed everything it was expierencing, dark caramel and sweet summer fruit with a flaky biscuit crust.  Yum!

But big news! We're moving! Our new place is a huge score.  It is a totally above ground HOUSE.  We've never lived in a house and rarely lived in anything above ground.  This place has windows galore and a kitchen with a full size fridge! We're very excited about the move, 18 days and counting!

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