July 22, 2011

Favourite Friday: My Camera Case

It's our first Friday back from Europe, what better way to celebrate than starting a new feature here.  I'll try my best at remembering to feature every Friday my favourite things.

This week to start it off I thought I'd bring attention to my camera case.  Shane bought this Case Logic as a gift for my past birthday.  It's a pretty sweet case, it's got a suspension system inside to keep the lens safe and padded pockets on all four sides.  It has two pockets that hold lenses and the bottom is both hard and waterproof, incase you set it down on a wet table I suppose.  The case has officially been everywhere with us, I mean everywhere.  Anywhere I go he goes as well.  My only complaint is the shoulder strap is rather uncomfortable over long periods of time, but this isn't an issue for the average user, when the length of time you wear it is appropriate, not all day long as one might in Europe.  It's not an inexpensive case, but definitely a worthwhile investment.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite piece of camera related equipment?

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