July 29, 2011

Favourite Friday: the Dog & the Cat

Newest picture of both of them.
Two of my favourite animals live right here, with us.  Shane's cat predates me, he was a gift two years before I started dating Shane.  He's a siamese cat, very dark with blue blue eyes.  These eyes however, turn red in the dark to his evil true self.  He's not the nicest cat you've ever met, in fact for a few years he was an inside cat, but with the problems mounting it was decided he would be an outdoor cat.  He loves it! He's a learned hunter, constantly bringing us gifts of dead rodents missing half their bodies leaving them under the windows or outside the door for us to see.  His one saving grace while he lived indoors was his knack for hunting spiders which I thoroughly appreciated.  The cat's name is Cyrus, the same name as the family dog from when I saw young, born around the same time.
Very old picture, Butter was still a puppy.
The cat is an alarm clock, he learns a schedule and expects you to adhere to it.  Shane used to feed him on his way to work at 430am and on Shane's days off the cat comes to the window outside our bedroom (right at 430!) and claws at the window making as much noise as possible.  Since his removal from the house he has become a much nicer cat who loves attention (inside he didn't want to be touched.) He's become known as Mr. Noodle for his worm like tendencies once in your arms.  He purrs like there is no tomorrow but is terrified of the dog.
Butter and his best friend Cyrus the Dog. (Butter is always wearing a bandana.)
Butter is our golden retriever.  He's almost two years old.  Butter is named so because of a joke Shane and I had running that if we ever got a dog that would be his name.  We almost named him Charlie, but Butter is a much more fitting name.  He is an insanely happy dog, very loyal and quite well behaved, around us anyway.  We got him November 1 2009 as a fat little monkey, content with sleeping and chewing.  His love of chewing has never left, he's chewed on drywall, slowly destroying the whole wall before.  He now has a squeaky tennis ball (thanks mom!) that's he's picked the green off of, that he carries with him everywhere.  The first thing he picks up in the morning (always ready to play) and the last thing he puts down at night.
My favourite picture of Butter.
Butter is not very gentle with Cyrus, he'll chew on him like he's a puppy, thus the reason the cat won't stick around while the dog is out.  The two of them give us much happiness.  There is nothing like coming home to someone who is really happy to see you.  Wanting attention, tails wagging they'll follow you around until you acknowledge them and satisfy their craving.  It kills a lot of stress when you can just play on the floor and totally be absorbed in throwing that ball or chasing that tail.  Our lives just wouldn't be the same without our dog and cat, that's why they are my favourite!

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