July 22, 2011

Garden Update - July 22

Somewhere in the end of March, ah yes, here, I showed you what we did to the garden before we left for three months.  Well when we came back this is what it looked like:

This is a very tame picture.  The entire backyard is thriving and needs some serious work.  The apple tree is so loaded down some of it's branches are touching the ground.
 This is the side yard.  I didn't plant the daisies here, but they migrated.  The weed tree was a stump, maybe a food and a half high, now it's the tallest thing in there (next to the daisies.) You really should take a look back at the post I made in March and peek at the mint, this stuff spreads like weeds!
 Beautiful mini roses, a gorgeous shade of pink.
 The wildflowers in the front bed did welcome us home as I had wished.  The colours threw us back into the Alps of Switzerland immideatly, how amazing!
 The herbs are huge! They really thrived in all the rain we've been getting in.
 I really wish I liked these lilies more, because they're out now, in massive bouquets.

I love my klompen.

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