November 13, 2011

November 13

Warning: this post has 20 pictures...that is a lot.

The wind started blowing yesterday and is seems all the leaves have come down with it.  Instead of drifts of snow, we have drifts of leaves.  The chill is comfortable and the sky is moody, perfect west coast fall.  Here is what I saw today:
Well hello snow sprinkled mountains. WHY IS THERE SO MANY POWER LINES?!!?!
Leaf with a worm we'll pretend is a pine needle.

Post walk I came home and took out my Christmas mugs, oh how happy I felt!
My favourite mug.
I bought a few picture frames.  Must. Have. More.
Hi there Christmas magazines...I missed you.
Finally I baked a no sugar cranberry-apple crisp.  No sugar means I can eat it for breakfast right?


  1. the thing about your Christmas mug is that is a swallow and swallows arnt anywhere near here at this time of the year. As a mattter in fact,they are half a world away! dad

  2. uhhh, I think it's a turtle dove. Being a christmas mug and all.