November 24, 2011

November 22&23

We've just had the best weekend!  It might have been our first weekend off together since we got back from Europe. What did we do?  Not all that much, but it was blissful anyway.
 On the first day Shane went with his father to Langley to visit a gun shop.  Guess who bought a gun?  Okay, no it wasn't Shane, but he is now to proud owner of a very large gun I have forbidden from my house.  Like really big, the kind you shoot moose with.  I don't want to see it, I might have a heart attack.
 That evening we ate onion soup and homemade french fries with curry sauce.  I might post that recipe yet, it was delicious!
 After a small run the following morning I came home and made Shane these crazy delicious cranberry eggnog pancakes.  They were amazing, so good I don't even mind seeing them sit on my thighs!  No joke.
 Shane and I had coffee with my mum and stole all her puzzles.  I got dinner into the crock pot and the cake in the oven as we started our puzzle.  Shane and I love puzzles, it something we discovered about ourselves on our 86th day in Europe this year.  We drank hot chocolate when it got dark and kept right on puzzling while the a batch of buns rose.

I didn't take a picture of dinner that night, but here are the leftovers!  (In slider form the next day)  I made a red wine braised beef, browned butter mashed potatoes, honey roasted carrots and fresh buns.  Dessert was the best gingerbread cake, maple caramel roasted pears and a gently whipped cream.
 With the leftover buns this morning Shane made amazing breakfast sandwiches.  When we realized how much of the sandwich was handmade we enjoyed it even more.  We made the sausage, the buns, the tomato-onion chutney and bought the eggs from a friend's chickens, even the mayo.  The only thing we didn't make? The goat's cheese.
 On a morning earlier in the week we had chosen to paint.  We hung the products of our time (and talent) on our bedroom wall.
 Ever the charmer.

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