November 27, 2011

November 27

It took four days but our Christmas cards are finally sealed and stamped.  (Spoiler alert!! They've got a delicious recipe printed on the back!)  I know what you are thinking; printed cards! you didn't even make them! how could it take you four days?!  In my unhappiest face I'll tell you I had to work.  The truth is; writing my address neatly 42 times takes a long time.  When I had all the envelopes addressed (at least the addresses and names I knew) I decided I could not bear such an impersonal gift.  How could I spend $30 on postage without even a hand written note?  So I went to the store and bought paper.  I spent another day writing thoughtful and individual notes to each person.  

It's hard for me to keep Shane's family straight since I've met so few of them, I had to ask his mother NINE questions about family arrangements and this is my fourth time sending cards.  Jeeze!  This time I had the forethought though to write down all the information, (names, relationships and children) now (I hope) it can't happen again! 

'Twas a stormy day out.
 I baked nutmeg bars, a hybrid of boterkoek and a bark cookie, heavily flavoured with freshly grated nutmeg.  They're crispy and delicious.  After baking, wrapping gifts and blasting Christmas tunes I went to the store for a butternut squash.  Since it was the grocery store rather than my produce store the one squash left was moldy and disfigured.  I bought a 2lb - $6 organic squash instead.  It better be amazing.

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