September 14, 2012

September 14

I wish I had something to show you.
I'm just cruising along.  you know?
early morning runs, early morning hikes
(i was paranoid about bears, if you must know)
so carried a stick.
to kill them if they came to close.

it was totally worth the fraid-y feeling to see the sun come up across the valley.
the steam as the sun hit the water
illuminating one farm at a time.
i snuck butter onto the grounds of the monastery, no dogs allowed
i couldn't leave him tied up, he'd be bear food.
on my weekend i baked bread, and cookies.
and crumble, and more cookies.
i had a dentist check-up appt, 
where they told me the death feeling in my stomach was from the ibuprofen i've been taking.
that stopped immediately and the hurt is almost gone.
three days later
i went to vancouver for a fancy lunch with my best-y
i went for thai food with shane
we got thirteen channels on the tv.
i finished a whole book
and the dog ran away straight through traffic on a busy road. (he is still alive)
the end.

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