September 10, 2012

A little less wise

So I got my wisdom teeth taken out.
it feels awesome!
joking of course, it feels terrible.
there was some anesthetic, which was a blessing.
and there was my mom, doing the things moms do best.
there has been pills, and sleeping and a few movies.
mostly there has been a T3 haze.
I read a book, I went for little walks.
I didn't run.
I made pudding.
I ate pudding.
Smoothies, soup, perogies?
When I was feeling good we went to a Mennonite festival with friends of ours.
We ate food.  I bought a knitted toque.
and some Christmas cards. Ha!
After four days I went back to work.
It was garbage, but I did it. 
The next morning I got up and ran.
Surprisingly well if you ask me!  My body enjoyed the three days rest.
I love running with the moon.

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