September 4, 2012

greetings from mission

hello there!
we're moved, and let me tell you!
it was nuts.

thank you so much to the best friends ever, for pulling through on your saturday mornings!
and a huge thanks to my sister and my dad who came to my rescue!
you guys are awesome, and i totally owe you!

apart from the stress and insanity it was kinda fun.
shane was so helpful with the move, and kept his cool where i didn't (and vice verse)
we went crazy on the unpacking and within twenty-four hours were box free.  
it helps that our new place is the size of four boxes.

i donated/sold/stored sooo much stuff before we left
and the first thing i did when unpacking was set up another donate box.
there are three now.

we're three nights in now and i've discovered:
rocko's diner. su-weet!
two amazing, beautiful, fantastic runs on the matsqui trail
the grocery store
the liquor store
the bank
my new favourite produce store
the best landlord in the whole wide world
hiking in heritage park
(rediscovered) how whiney shane is when he's sick
a pack of coyotes
the library
the train station
how to get to work in 15 minutes (half the commute!)

not too many pictures yet, from every angle our place looks crammed with stuff.
now i could really use a day off.

-love the tiny house

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