September 30, 2012

September 29

The other morning (after my 13 km run!) I took Butter to the park behind the library.  I was surprised to find flights and flights of stairs starting at 2nd and climbing to 7th, which in Mission speak is quite a ways uphill.  We climbed the stairs and then back down and found another set, climbed those and back down.  Needless to say my calves are very sore still two days later.

Saturday we left home shortly after we woke up, there were people coming into our home to install a new kitchen sink (to replace the bathroom sized sink existing) and faucet.  We went out for breakfast at Rocko's, which I highly recommend!  We've been there three times now and absolutely love it.  But not the pie, skip the pie.  
When we went back home after breakfast there was still a lot of work to do.  So we picked up Butter and went for a walk on the Matsqui trail across the river.  The leaves were so crunchy underfoot and the races could be heard echoing along the river.  We sat and relaxed in the warm sun watching the water sweep by.  

When we returned a few hours later they were still there.  So we chilled out in chaos and noise.  
I swear I just cleaned!
Nothing prettier than a bouquet of dahlias.  Seriously!

Not pictured:
Opa's 75th birthday party last night.
This chicken corn chowder we had for dinner.  Amazing!


  1. I LOVE the tile! I'm convinced. I will have to go buy some.

  2. Bet you love that new "kitchen" sink! Will make dishwashing so much less "soggy"!