September 6, 2012


i've been getting up in the mornings with shane.
rather, half an hour after shane.
we have a cup of coffee together and rush out the door.
it's 5:20 when i drop him off at the train station.
butter and i drive across the bridge to the matsqui trail to do our morning run.
i have this little run to do, remember?
it's always dark when we start, with only the faintest light on the horizon.
we run to it, it's like a magnet.
the air can be damp and the fog thick, 
but sometimes i can see for miles.  
we love it.
yesterday i tried yoga out at a studio here.
awesome, i love yoga.
i'll be going back.
darn the $$

i started cooking at 6am yesterday morning.
and somehow successfully managed not to have the smoke alarm go off, unlike every other morning
i left the door wide open, i think that helped.
i made: chocolate pudding
dill pickles (stop with the cucumbers! where were the zucchini this year?
i like zucchini, i don't like cucumbers!)
i picked up my csa in yarrow and had coffee at mom's house.
i dropped off four boxes at the thrift store.
four more!

the in-laws were over for dinner
incredible that we've never made them before.
sooo good!
must make again!

to balance the bad i made a carrot salad.
no picture but here is how it goes:
about 10 heirloom carrots peeled with a vegetable peeler to make ribbons
chopped parsley
lemon zest
juice of half lemon
splash olive oil
handful of pepitas
half handful of cranberries
a bunch of chopped chives
finely sliced red onion

holy man it was good.
today all my wisdom teeth come out
(notice the pureed soup and the pudding i made)
so i am currently very hungary and with a caffeine headache
no food for 8 hours.
bear with the quiet for a while?
my new kitchen

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