October 26, 2012

By the Hour

So I tried to take a picture every hour for a day.  That worked for three hours and then I forgot.  
Anyway, here is what you get.
6 am. Coffee, oatmeal and computer.

6:15 am. cookbookin' it
6:20 am, thinking about doing dishes.  (and then I did)
7:10, dressed for a run.
8:05, while running
8:20, post run.  I love the sun, so much.
9:15 am, breakfast time.
9:45 am, listing making.  Followed by a trip to the store.
1:15 pm.  I totally forgot for a few hours.  
Making a mess in the kitchen.  
Which I then cleaned up (another sink of dishes)
4:05 pm, after the drive to Mom's house.  
This is the kid who devours pumpkin pie and ice cream.

We ate dinner but I didn't get a picture. 
I made:
they made/bought:
butter chicken
veggie samosas

It was a feast.
6:25 pm. This is Heather's birthday cake.  
She chose it, I (happily) obliged.
7:15 pm. Grandma and Grandpa came over to help us eat it.
In bed by 9:15 pm. 

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  1. Lol were you really in bed that early!? We are getting old...