October 24, 2012

Keeping up?

I've recently (temporarily) cut most of the sugar and refined flour out of my diet.  Here's how I did that to my favourite bran muffin recipe, which is just as good as the original if I do say so.  Take my favourite recipe, and remove the oil and sugar, substitute half a cup of honey.  Exchange the white flour for whole wheat and the whole wheat flour for spelt.  Done!  Wasn't that easy?  You can be a bad ass like me and add the zest of the whole orange and a few shakes of cardamom.  Flavour up!  You can not be like me and turn your oven down when it blasts the snot out of everything with heat.  Burned muffins suck.

Now your muffin is actually nutritious, unlike you original recipe you had convinced yourself was healthy. Score!

Okay, so something else that was healthy and I guarantee will fast become my favourite thing is the salad I made for lunch today.  Regrettably I didn't take a picture, (there wasn't much to photograph) but you can imagine a pile of greens with a crumble falafel.  It's simple, a lead of lettuce, 3 olives diced up, a crumbled falafel and this dressing: 1 tsp tahini + 1 tsp sirracha + 1 1/2 tsp white wine vinegar + 1/2 tsp honey.  Mix mix mix and devour.

We got cable.  I don't think that is a good thing, we haven't had it for years.  It's free now, included in our rent and we were given a digital box.  I called shaw three times to get it hooked up, but it finally works.  And commence timer for hours of life wasted.
For some reason I'm all about loung-y socks this cold season. I've bought three pairs already, which is a lot for someone who has always snubbed her nose at them before.

You might want to take my temperature, or just get straight to my fingerprints.  Between the socks and now this: nail polish, I'm not sure I'm myself anymore.  I bought three bottles today, which again, is a lot for someone who's never liked nail polish on her nails.  There colors are 
 cute though!  I love them, even on!

I've been totally crushing on Harry Manx.  I know your thinking who?!? We saw him preform at the Vinyl Cafe show and I've been listening non stop ever since.  Have a listen to this it's one of my favourite songs.


  1. For the record, everyone leaves socks on the couch. Those who say they don't LIE! I am so glad you have embraced the old lady socks. Having just crossed over to the dark side myself, I can tell you warm ankles are bomb diggity! (I looked that term up on urban dictionary) Yay for girly nail polish.

  2. Not old lay socks at all! They are practical and in this day and age where heat costs an arm and a leg! I am wearing those socks and the big sweater to! Hahahaha!