October 25, 2012

Supper is Served

Here is where I talk about the dinner we had last night.  Because you care, I know.
It all amounted to delicious food. 
I'll totally eat those sides again.
And I'll have to, since there are leftovers.

The harvest slaw from from BHG. Here is the link, but you might need an account to see the recipe?
I used less oil, and let the dressing and the cabbage chill in the fridge for a while before we ate.

I've blogged about the mushroom ragu before.
Here it is, I changed nothing.

Finally the star of the show (in my opinion) the Thai Brussel Sprouts.
Totally delicious, but 25 minutes in the oven was too long for my little sprouts. 
And I knew the garlic would burn if I cooked it for so long in the oven, so I just left it off.

Dessert was a bit of dark chocolate.

There you go, dinner for October 24, 2012

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