October 3, 2012

Right now:

I'm listening to the wind whipping through the trees, casting shadows on the walls.  The fact that I have shadows in this basement amazes me.
I'm dreaming of our upcoming weekend, three days off together.  I feel so lucky, it's going to be amazing.  To come; cinnamon buns, corn mazes, wood fires, mushroom picking, thanksgiving dinner, a movie night and a lot of cuddling.
I'm snacking on dark chocolate and coffee.  A post hike couch-session.
I'm remembering how it felt to live in our own little house this time last year, how much I miss it.  I'm remembering Natasha in the summer and how much I miss her.  But I'm also remembering how amazing it felt to be alive this morning, standing on the side of a mountain as the sun came up and the cold whipped around.
I'm debating wether I'll buy more dahlias from the stand on the side of the road in Yarrow tomorrow on my way home from picking up my csa.
I'm glad for this comfy couch and warm blanket and for sunny autumn days and the cute little gourds that sit on my (coffee) table.

Pictures from our "hike" today:
I always take it with me.  You never know when you'll see a bear.

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