October 29, 2012

Five Things

I totally smoked my shin on a slippery rock after my run Sunday.  It's throbbing and swollen, I'm such a klutz.

Speaking of running, I'm totally stoked on my upcoming race.  Less than three weeks!  I'm thinking this jacket (in pink of course!) would be a great addition to my outfit.  Okay, this shirt would too and that purple colour is badass!

My mom and I are (probably) embarking on a 1600-km road trip next week.  I think these healthy brownies will be completely necessary.  These cheese crackers would make great snacking food, and egg and mushroom salad for lunch?  Now that is a good idea.

It's pumpkin carving season again.  Since my husband is the pro carver, not me, I'll be supplying the goodies!  I'll probably make these, since I haven't really stopped thinking about them since they first popped into my reader.

I've been pulling out my slow cooker a few times a week this season.  It's the perfect way to have a meal ready when Shane gets home from school on these cold and rainy days.  I just pulled this book off the shelf, after forgetting we even owned it.  Now almost every page is bookmarked.  I highly recommend it!

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