February 27, 2013

Right Now: February 27

Time: 6:00am
In my mug: hot coffee, finally
In my oven: Last night I made a tzatziki pizza, delish!
I am listening to: I've been enjoying some of the Black Keys lately. Wtf? Who am I?
In the fridge: a chicken for tonight's dinner, leftover tzatziki and tuna salad
In my belly: OMG, the best museli ever. Make this and cry.
Last thing on the laptop: I just downloaded Opera as a replacement for Safari.  Best decision ever, I am loving it! (I hate safari with a passion)
Looking forward to: Shane's birthday tomorrow! Even though he is not.
On my wishlist: A fricking baking sheet to fit inside my tiny oven! Jeeze! is it that much to ask?!
On the nightstand: The Peach Keeper
Recently satisfied: My recipe binder has been my greatest friend. Also I'm proud of the run I did on Saturday after working a night shift and still hitting an awesome time.
On the go: Find a swim shirt for Shane to protect his shingles in Puerto Rico & making an ice cream cake for the birthday boy.

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