March 28, 2011

Garden Update

With the gardening bug bitting me every time I turn around the itch is getting hard to scratch.  We've been trying our darnedest to keep it in check but I have done a few things around the yard.  
I sprinkled a few packets of wild flowers all around the front bed. I'm hoping I'll get back in four months and it will be colourful and huge.  What a welcome that will be.

I've trimmed all the dead off the roses, and they're growing with furry.

I sprinkled, daisy and aster seeds in the back beds, but we will see if it was to early or not.

I'm praying the hydrangea will bloom before we leave (in three weeks), though it is very unlikely.  But maybe you can understand, its my favourite flower.
Excuse the garbage can.
Our dead pot.
Yesterday we worked on transplanting (read; saving) a few herbs from last year.  I said I would look after them when I got them last year...they won't survive the winter inside or outside, I have to figure out what to do for this winter.  So we replanted a sage and thyme plant, and our chives (which look pretty good, though small.)  And we bought two new rosemary plants, a thyme plant and a sage plant.  We'll see how it does.
Of course the mint had no trouble coming back

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