March 23, 2012

Spring has Sprung

I've decided it's spring, though it's not an easy decision.  The sun is starting to pull us from our warm houses like chicks cracking our of their eggs.  It's not warm enough to do anything in the garden except ogle little sun thirsty buds and wish the next few weeks would fly by.  I do pine for the end of April already!  On the seed starting floor I've got leeks, onions, chives, cilantro, parsley, catnip, thyme, lobelia, chamomile, brussel sprouts and three tiny pumpkins.  I really hope I didn't jump the gun!  I'm aching for a cold frame to plant tiny radish seeds and cute little lettuces.  I wish my strawberry plants were alive and ready with the rhubarb, which will without a doubt be my first harvest this year.  I've got herbs living on the dining table, big bushes of green, I love it!

I changed out the bed linens from flannel to cotton, and took one comforter off the bed.  I certainly hope it wasn't a rash decision.  Only time will tell how long we'll have sun, my heart aches with pleasure when it kisses my skin and warms me to the bone.  I'm ready for peas and asparagus, so hurry if you would please May!

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  1. Beautiful pictures.....I can see spring all over the place. xxxxxxxx