March 4, 2012

March Date Night

March's date night went a little askew.  The plans were; listen to a symphony and have dinner in Vancouver.  I bought the tickets back in November for the 19th of March.  A few weeks back, noticing the day wouldn't work, I changed them to accommodate Shane's work schedule, to a sooner date.  As it turns out the new date didn't work either, unfortunately our date night wasn't going to happen.  Of course I'm very disappointed, but we settled for the next best thing, a day in Vancouver.  (Caution: photo heavy post)
This is not burnt bacon, I promise.  It is delicious though! Make yourself some coffee bacon, yum!
 We did our favourite thing: grocery shop.  Here is Shane in Ugo & Joe's.  We also stopped at the old Bosa, which was smaller than I expected!  Next time we'll visit the new Bosa right off the highway.
 For lunch we ate poutine at Dunn's.  Go with the peppercorn I say!  It was fantastically delicious, I would go back in an instant.
 No trip is complete without at stop at the bookstore.  This time around I fell in love with Tender (volume I & II)
 When we walked into Nu for gyros we really weren't expecting to see Robert Clark!  But who better to cook us lunch?!  The gyro was good, the bread was awesome, the meat was delicious.  Overall satisfying, but never as good as our gyros from Sabbas
 After coffee at Artigianos we stopped at the board shops on 4th Ave.  Shane had birthday money burning a hole in his pocket, he was aiming for a jacket.  After finding the one he wanted (we ordered it online) we headed for the top of Vancouver, the Bloedel Conservatory.  The conservatory is a dome filled with exotic plants, tropical flowers and over free-flying 100 birds.  It was warm and humid, a perfect rainy afternoon spot.
I love orchids.
my favourite parrot! he was so fun and sat just over our heads a few feet away from us.
For dinner we ate tacos at drank horchata at dona cata's.  delicious! so good! We liked it very much.

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  1. Looks like an awesome Vancouver excursion! I am glad that you finally went to the Boedel Conservatory, when Cheyenne and I want it was gorgeous and they had poinsettias all over the place instead of daffodils.