March 20, 2012

Date Night

Date night number 3!  Even though our plans changed numerous times we did eventually make it to the symphony.  The morning was bright and sunny and we basked in the warmth of vitamin D.  As we drove into Vancouver the day turned stormy and dark, we lost our sun :(  It took a long time but eventually we were in West Vancouver at the Savary Island Pie Company eating the famed lemon buttermilk pie.  Famed for a good reason I might add, it was amazing pie!  It might have been the best slice of pie I've ever eaten! I will henceforth be on a fruitless mission to recreate this perfect slice.  Wish me luck.

We headed downtown after our coffee break and sauntered to the library stopping in the rain for an awesome chicken sandwich.  We ate dinner at Nuba, but I forgot to take pictures of our meal.  Everything was fantastic.  The highlight of our night was listenening to the VSO in the Orpheum.  Spectacular venue, incredible preforrmance.  Cameras were not allowed, so there are no pictures.  I adored The Flying Dutchman by Wagner, it was very inspiring piece.  A great success of a date.

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