March 8, 2012

a week in the life:

 I made this apple streusel cake with cream cheese glaze.  &everything is better with caramel
 Dessert before dinner? This was pepper crusted pork loin with onions and sour cream sauce. Totally awesome!  I love when I don't botch meat dishes!
 I didn't love either of these books.
 Blue light rainy days.
 I didn't realize the light needed to be wire in!  When I costed out the parts to convert it into a plug it was cheaper to buy a new one.
 Everyone needs cookies on a bad day, even gluten and dairy free folks! (Double chocolate cookies from Babycakes)
 Smart dog, I'm jealous.
 Life is happening on my office floor.
A somewhat grilled cheese.

Shane and I are both currently sick, down and out with sore throats and stuffy noses.  The difference between us is I'm home from work and he went anyways.  That sucks if you ask me.  He left this morning loaded up with chicken noodle soup, tylenol and a pocket full of halls.  It's all I could do.

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