March 27, 2012


Hi. Hi there, how have you been?
Hi pathetic looking tree and dirt patch.  Please don't keep looking this way. 
 Hi sunbathers at 7 degrees!
Hi feet that forgot about sunlight. 
Hi hungry goose.  You'd chase me if it was summer.
 Hi towel...what happened to you?
Hi yogurt with granola and poached rhubarb 
Hi super yummy potatoes
Hi flowers from my husband, you're lovely 
Hi new tap, you and I will get along great 
Hi tulips I bought myself, pleased to meet you
Hi chamomile seedlings all over the floor 
Hi dog who kicks chamomile seedlings and lays on air intake vents.

1 comment:

  1. Hi to our lovely daughter who made the most amazing brunch for us on Monday. Hi to that mischievious Butter who kicked the young herbs over and then layed down over the vent. Hi to the husband of yours that brings you flowers to brighten your day.
    Love Mom and Dad