August 11, 2012

Hi Life.

Life in the garden is flourishing.  I did all my worrying (and replanting) in the early days, now the upkeep is minimal.  I fertilize with fish fertilizer once a month, tie tomato branches when they get heavy, water thoroughly and pick weeds biweekly (or so I aspire).  I also play matchmaker on occasion, pollinating squash, zucchini and pumpkin blossom.  We might get a few hybrids out of these vines yet (though I'll likely never know, since we're moving so soon.)

The wild thorny blackberry bushes that I have hacked off no less than three times this season are back with a vengeance, this time with ripe fruit.  Thousands of plump blackberries will be ready in short time and there most certainly will be a peach and blackberry something ready in my kitchen soon.
Butter and I have been on daily walks this week, something we should of course be doing always.  But I'm lazy, sue me.
This happened after I found a container of chocolate buttercream in my freezer.  Best surprise ever? I think so.  I gotta love me sometimes.  I needed a chocolate cupcakes after that, so I made seven.  I brought two to my grandparents for them to celebrate their FORTY-EIGHTH! anniversary.  Crazy to think one day I'll be that old :P
These cookies were had.  Not very awesome, but pretty nonetheless.  More like a sugar cookie than a shortbread.  That's life, trail and error.
And there was blueberry pie.  Which rocked my socks.  Seriously best blueberry pie ever. Majorly.

I've got to tell you, without a picture, about my semi awesome, semi infuriating veggie box I get every week.  First of all it's incredible, local organic fresh veggies delivered to my kitchen weekly.  A box full of goodness and health that I need to eat pronto. All. The. Time.  But it's also total crap because all I've seemingly gotten all summer is fall and winter veggies.  Well first it was the radishes, piles and piles of radishes, which I don't like.  Then it was lettuce, lettuce, lettuce (it still is to be honest) and more kale than I care to eat in a year.  Beets, cauliflower, broccoli and now tonnes and tonnes of cabbage.  Fall, it's fall.  It's the veggies I eat all fall, winter and spring.  I'm so done with them and fall hasn't even started.  I don't want cabbage in the summer, or beets.  Stop! Just stop!  

But the carrots have been so nice, and the fennel.  I love the new potatoes, and the beautiful basil and dill.  I could never get enough peas, ever, and the zucchini is wonderful.  I'm ready for a glut of tomatoes, pounds of cucumbers and eggplants.  I want zucchini and onions and summer squash.  The things I don't eat all year long.  I understand farming, the things that haven't grown in my garden won't grow in yours any faster.  But it doesn't change the fact, I'M SICK OF CABBAGE.  

Still it's a wonderful thing to have this bounty, even if it's of the fall variety.  But since I'm the only one who eats it, I think next year we'll skip it in favour of the market, where I can buy all the eggplants I've dreamed of.

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