August 13, 2012

Richmond Night Market

The night was hot and the traffic slow when we left for the Richmond night market.  We made our stops in three towns to pick up passengers and soon my little five seater car was full.  We rambunctiously made our way into Richmond and a full two hours after we left, we were there.  Food was eaten, crowds maneuvered and drinks had.  Planes dipped low on their decent, and the roar of  liftoff was oft heard.  Vendors cried in Cantonese or Mandrin,  (I'd have no idea which) hawking their food.  Lineups were conquered, music was blasted, and angry bird socks were nearly bought.  A night that was both delicious and fun.

Pictures on the iphone.
-hurricane potato
-coconut milk tea
-iced green tea
-spicy squid
-fish waffles
-deep fried cheesecake
-egg puffs
-japanese yam fries
-chow mein noodles

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