August 26, 2012

Summer Bucket List

I believe I told you about our summer bucket list, it started back in June.

Here is where I tell you about it.
We managed to get most of it done!  
It was tonnes of fun, so this is how is happened!

Farmer's markets were hit, early in the season
swimming happened all summer in many different lakes.
I ixnayed the fondant cake in favourite of something much more palatable, insert: 
Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake
We did have two picnics, one on a hike,
and one in the backyard.
We tried hiking to Greendrop, though it didn't work out, we still checked it off the list.
We built a sandcastle in Penticton
Sangria was made, and drank a few times
Natasha went on a boat ride, but I did not.
We did visit Minter Gardens though!
A water balloon fight happened, there were a lot of colourful plastic bits all over the yard.
And we had quite a few bonfires
The Richmond night market was a blast!
A full round of golf didn't happen, but it might yet
Raspberry picking definitely did!  We had so many to pick just in our own backyard.
We ate a lot of homemade ice cream this summer, many our own flavours.
We had plenty of coffee on mom's patio
and did two hope hikes.
We opted not to go to the fireworks in Vancouver, completely by choice.
DQ runs were enjoyed.
We played baseball, spit cherry pits and attempted to grow sunflowers.
We visited a few wineries, which was so. much. fun.
We lazily floated down the Penticton river, beer in hand.
And finally we saw the Di Vinci exhibit at Science World
and that, plus a whole lot more, was our summer!

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  1. Such a great summer! But where did it go?! I would like to add a broken toe and a ride in a wheel chair.