August 16, 2012


Since last week:
my sisters came over for a fire. 
(actually they cleaned out my freezer of food, but they didn't know that)
we had croquettes. LOVE.
that is also why I fried these chips. 

i loved this quote.

+my mom broke her toe.  So I went shopping with her.
I was the walmart-wheelchair-pusher.
i found this beet in my garden.
biggest one I ever grew.
and no bugs ate it. 
my husband bought me this sunflower.
I picked up my csa. 
isn't it beautiful?

+natasha, shane and I went shopping in the states for fall clothes. 
much success!
we then had our car searched at the boarder by one very cranky boarder guard.
+yay for lectures! (we forgot one receipt in a bag, honest mistake! there were two purchases in that bag.  we like to save bags, so we often double up.  whoops.)  
seriously? it was a $90 receipt.  
damn them.

i was having a very rotten day this morning, though I didn't know why.
 I was trying so hard to be cheerful.

after lunch i ate a square of chocolate.
i hadn't had anything with (a lot of) sugar in it for two days.
suddenly i feel like a million bucks.
addiction much?

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  1. Haha! I love that you pushed me in the wheelchair.
    And way to feed your siblings freezer over flow, so great!