August 22, 2012


There were four of us in Penticton last weekend.
Shane, Tash, Dylan and me.
We burned our way through Manning Park on the crowsnest highway 
heading straight to the intense heat of the Okanagan.
We stopped along the way, at the fruit stand of Keromeos for taffy, thumbs up and cherries.

Over the weekend we swam three times
ate two picnic lunches
laughed our way through wine tastings
and spent a lot of money on said wines.
(+elephant island
upper bench
howling bluff)

There were burgers at Burger 55
ice cream at Ogo's
music on the grass at Gyro park
and breakfast at the Bench

There were sand castles and beer at Lake Okanagan 
party island time on the canal
and much discussion about Jeeps.

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