August 31, 2012


I must be the worst blogger in the world.  I can't for the life of me pick up my camera.  
What's my problem?
I could blame it on being busy.
It would be true.  But it's more,
I guess it's just not pretty.  
I mean that literally, not metaphorically.

Moving is not cute,
it's messy and confusing
and when i've got wet dog hair stuck all over my hands i'm not going anywhere near my camera.
(i've constantly got dog hair on my hands at this point)

i've taken a few iphone pictures though, not many but some.
here is what i remember:
Shane made these kick-butt blue cheese burgers the other night.
I made a smoked salmon breakfast sandwich.  Killer!
My brilliant husband signed me up for a half marathon.  ???
I started training, biking on cross training days.
Kitty went to live with my mother.
Two long year gato, you'll be ours again
Full moon on an early run.
Sun up
Miss this light.  Miss these floors.  
First lunch I've ever eat alone in a restaurant.
Smart sisters go half-ers on the burgers.  Love!
on an end note: 
i'm so so so excited to be moving tomorrow.
i've loved this house for an entire year, and appreciated, every. single. day. how lucky i am to live here.
our adorable little two bedroom house.
my lovely gardens.
but when your in transition you want it to end.
i want to be moved

it doesn't help that our new little (really little) place is awesome too.
great new landlord,
great new place.
the possibilities of this place.
the promise of the future.

once again we've gotten so lucky to find such a great rental.  
a basement with natural light? yup (tonnes of it)
freshly renovated? yup (just finished today)
near a park? yup (1/2 block away)
great price? spectacular (just what we needed)
small? totally, but downsizing feels good
who needs all that stuff anyway?!

can't wait to share it with you!

p.s. I miss Natasha.

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