January 26, 2011

Jan 26

Seven days ago I started p90x and well it might be to early to start talking about it, for fear that I let it fall away, I want to say I sure am glad it's finally a rest day.  I've worked out two hours a day minimum for the last six days, which is only an hour more than I usually do, but this strength training is something else.  Did you know you have a muscle between your shoulders?  I had never been aware, I sure am now.

On another note I've spent the last two days trying to back up our 10 000 pictures from the past 4 years.  We'd only got them on this computer.  Now they are on a hard drive, I'm working on uploading them all on to flickr and they are on a few memory sticks.  I only actually started to save them all because we ran out of memory on the computer!  20 gb of pictures is a lot of space.  It's a good idea anyhow since lord knows when these computers crash.

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