January 11, 2011

A night in Croatia

We spent a delicious night in Croatia last night.  My favourite item of the night was these cheese borek. They've got ricotta and salty feta, they're wrapped in butter and phyllo with just a smidgen of dill.  You bake them for forty minutes and out pops these creamy, oozy and a little bit crispy, piping hot snacks.  I can't wait to try them! (96 days btw.)  I think these actually taste a lot like the ones we will find.  I adapted the recipe to suit our taste and budget (Mostly I just knocked out the cottage cheese because we didn't want to throw out half a tub of the stuff.)

We also enjoyed these meatballs called cevapcici.  They are actually a Balkan dish eaten all over the countries of southeastern europe but almost always with two different types of meat.  We mixed beef and pork with an egg and a little cayenne.  So simple but so good.  We had it with a little homemade tzatziki and a vegetable dish called blitva.  Blitva is just potatoes and swiss chard cooked with some garlic.  Yum! 

Finally we ended with a very popular treat in Croatia.  It is called kremsnite or custard slices.  Mine are really thick, I had to adapt from a really large pan to a really small one but you get the idea.  It's vanilla custard lightened with egg whites sandwiched between sheets of puff pastry.  The egg whites in this dish didn't incorporate as much as I would have liked, which was only visually unappealing, the texture was just fine.  Overall a possible make again dish.  

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