January 18, 2011

The winter blues.

I've got a case of the winter blues. I tried my best to avoid it, I feel I really did. Orange juice and vitamin D, exercise every day and enough sleep but it's come on and it's hard to shake.
(I actually sat here and had tea and strawberry shortcakes in the spring)
It's rained non stop, and been dark from 4pm-8am. I haven't seen the sun in 10 days. And to make it all worse we've been counting down the days (89!) until the biggest trip of our life so far and maybe of the rest of our lives, from inside our dark basement apartment. It makes for really long days.
11 days ago I made cupcakes to celebrate 100 days until Europe...it feels like 3 weeks have passed!
So what's a girl to do when she takes her camera outside and sees nothing buy brown and wet? Bake up summer with raspberry crumb bars and strawberry rhubarb pie. Thats what. (And don't worry, the berries were frozen from last summer, no Californian strawberries here)
We threw a hint of summer party, complete with burgers, beer and pie.
She can make tuna noodle casserole.
And her favourite peanut butter and chocolate concoctions.
And maybe fill up on beet barley salad.
The other thing she can do is throw a winter tea party. And hopefully a summer one to follow!

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