January 7, 2011

Jan 7th

We’ve been keeping things really low key here recently. Pajamas after work kinda low key. Mind you, I cook in my pajamas. We watched Aladdin one night, and ate bacon, onion, rosemary pizza with a little truffle oil. We had it with some raspberry lemonade from the pantry. And blueberry pavlovas, from the freezer.

We’ve reached 100 days until we leave for Europe. Holy! With that constantly in mind I came to the realization that we have a LOT of food that I don’t want to go stale/bad/freezer burned. So I will attempt, in the next 100 days, to use up all these items and new and delicious ways. They come from the cupboards, the pantry and the freezer. I’ll be posting on my other blog any worthy recipes, and the rest will get quick mention here. I’ll call it, From the Pantry.

An example of something from the pantry was this salmon fillet. I spiced it up and ate it with some (AWESOME) herbed rice and my pickled beans (so many in the pantry!)

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