January 27, 2011

Orange, honey and almond tart

I thought I might mention here in writing this tart I made for greek night.  Shane had been asking for it for a while, and with the fitting flavours I figured I would.  I have to say, its a very good tart.  The crust is perfect for a non dough crust and the filling light and sweet.  I would say, though, that it is missing some orange flavour, so a little more zest to the batter would be appropriate.  The honey drizzled on top is rather important, if you use a low quality honey it won't taste so great.  You'll notice this picture is missing the orange segments on top, we ran out of oranges.  Boo.  But if you'll look here you'll see the complete dish.

Rather than write it all out, seeing as I'm not sure I'll make it again (aside from the crust), here is the link.

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